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Free Analytic Tools to Boost Traffic to your clinic's Website

Your clients deserve quality care. This includes regular check-ups and reports that track their recovery after injury. To achieve the best outcomes, it is important to monitor and adjust your clients' daily habits, such as their exercise and diet, and how they respond to medication.

For all marketing plans that aim to increase website traffic and patient visits to your hospital or clinic. Check-ups require careful consideration of data. These tools will help you determine which data is important to track your website's reach and improve its overall performance.

Google Analytics (GA).

Google Analytics, the top-ranked search engine worldwide, is a part of Google Analytics. It's the most widely used tool to collect data about website traffic. GA allows you to determine which content is most appealing for visitors and how they interact with it.

GA is a great tool to help you find the right answer:

  • How long visitors spend on your site
  • How much time they spend on particular site pages
  • Which other websites or search led them to yours?
  • What links do visitors use most frequently on your site?


Hubspot allows you to use inbound marketing to bring new patients to your clinic or hospital. Inbound marketing is the use of consistent blogging, article, and content creation and social media posting. Consistent posting will increase the online visibility of your clinic.

To quickly organize your prospect and client information, you can use the platform’s Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). You can also link Hubspot with your Google account to create data reports.


Matomo is similar to GA but is open-source. Anyone can modify the software to personalize the way the data is collected, evaluated, and distributed. Matomo is free for WordPress websites.

Matomo provides a level security that GA doesn't offer. You can use the DoNotTrack option to protect your visitors' personal information and prevent them from being hacked.

Create A Clear And Motivating Value Proposition

A Value Proposition is your primary reason a prospect should make your site’s desired action. This is where you point out the strengths of what you are offering. It is crucial to be honest with yourself, therefore the potential customer, and address your strengths with transparent comparative research. Have an accurate and adequate amount of information on your product or services. Customers not only want to know “What’s in it for me?” but “Why buy from you?”

Google Optimize

A/B testing can be used to compare different versions of a marketing strategy or business plan. The results can help you to understand the best place to invest your time and resources.

Google Optimize is a platform that allows you to do this type of testing. For your most important marketing campaigns, use Optimize to:

  • Try out new landing pages.
  • Check out how visitors react to different color schemes.
  • You can try different styles of content writing to see which one your audience likes best.
  • Analyse the results of each experiment
  • Select the most efficient methods based on your results and create long-term lead generation strategies.

Google Data Studio

Data can sometimes be hard to understand if it is not presented in an easy-to-read format. Google Data Studio allows you to transform data from content platforms into reports. Save time by using pre-made templates provided by the program.

Data can be converted into graphs, tables, maps, and other types of charts. To clarify the results, add videos and links to reports or content. With one glance, your staff can see how your strategies impact your clinic, and then brainstorm ways to improve them.


Finteza, a free analytics tool that tracks website traffic, is the right tool for you if you have ever wondered how many of your visitors are real people and how many are bots. Finteza uses a Bot Detector, which scans your website to determine how many of your visitors are real people with whom you can form relationships.

Finteza also gives information about the behavior of your visitors when they visit your website. You can filter out spammers to find the best ways to reach your prospects.

If you feel that a page or marketing tool is attracting too many bots' attention, change the format or wording. This will allow you to be more efficient when creating web content and marketing campaigns.


You need to convey a compelling message, with engaging visuals and relevant content. This will hook visitors and keep them interested for as long as possible. You must also monitor your competitors to find out which strategies are working for them. Similarweb allows you to analyze your data and compare it with information about the websites of your competitors. By using the same methods that have made other practices successful, you can improve your search engine optimization (SEO). This tool can also be used to identify their primary affiliates. Reach out to them and build relationships to expand your network and reach a wider audience.

Analytics can help you develop your practice

It is important to monitor patients in recovery to ensure their well-being. You'll experience rapid growth in clientele if you apply the same logic to your marketing strategy. Combine your efforts with an experienced web developer and you can potentially see exponential growth.