client summary

Weird PR

Representing the very best in UK talent across various industries, managing PR campaigns and activations for brands and businesses.



Web Development

Project Brief

Weird PR is a public relations company that specializes in generating unconventional and creative publicity for businesses, individuals, and organizations. The goal of this project is to design and develop a website that effectively showcases the company's services and expertise, attracts potential clients, and reflects its unique brand identity.

Target Audience:

Weird PR's target audience is businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and individuals who are seeking innovative and attention-grabbing PR solutions. The website should appeal to both existing and potential clients, as well as showcase the company's expertise to the wider PR industry.

Website Goals:

Showcase the company's services and expertise Build credibility and trust with potential clients Encourage potential clients to get in touch for a consultation or quote Establish the company's unique brand identity