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Deaf ICC

The DICC offers hearing impaired cricketers around the world the opportunity and possibility of playing cricket on the international stage.



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DICC is the International Federation of Sport for Deaf Cricket, with the DICC Members acting as International actors within their respective National Deaf Cricket Associations to preserve regulatory autonomy & own Lex Sportiva. DICC’s jurisdiction under the jus commune aka international sports law, have their Constitution, enforcing their own private sporting laws, to ensure transparency for all DICC events including bilateral series.

Needless to say, DICC Members are grateful to their Executive Committee including Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed (Vice-chair), Mr. Michael Lombard (Secretary), Mr. Sumit Jain (Treasurer) and Mr. Zadin-urddin Babar (CEO) for the challenging years during the pandemic and to ensure that the flame is kept alight for followers around the world.