client summary

Conservation Without Borders

Conservation without Borders brings people from different walks of life together to uncover problems, find solutions, and to record and share them through powerful storytelling.



Web Development

Project Brief

Conservation Without Borders is a non-profit organization that works towards the conservation and protection of wildlife and ecosystems across international borders. The organization aims to create a world where wildlife can roam freely and safely without being limited by borders or politics. They need a website that can showcase their mission, initiatives, and success stories to potential donors, volunteers, and partners.

Target Audience:

The target audience for the Conservation Without Borders website includes:

Donors: Individuals and organizations who are interested in donating money to support the organization's mission. Volunteers: People who want to volunteer their time and skills to help the organization with its initiatives. Partners: Other non-profit organizations and corporations who want to collaborate with Conservation Without Borders on conservation projects. General Public: People who are interested in learning more about the organization and its initiatives.

Website Goals:

The website should accomplish the following goals:

Raise awareness about the organization's mission and initiatives. Attract potential donors, volunteers, and partners. Showcase the organization's success stories and impact. Provide a platform for the organization to share updates and news with its audience.