client summary

British Hair Clinic

The british hair clinic are amongst the leading hair clinics in the uk. in each of our locations in london, essex and manchester, you can expect the best in hair care.



Web Development

Project Brief

British Hair Clinic is a hair loss clinic that specializes in hair restoration procedures for both men and women. The goal of this project is to design and develop a website that showcases the clinic's expertise, services, and unique approach to hair restoration, as well as establishes trust with potential clients.

Target Audience:

British Hair Clinic's target audience is men and women who are experiencing hair loss and are looking for a safe and effective solution to restore their hair. The website should appeal to both existing and potential clients, as well as showcase the clinic's expertise in hair restoration.

Website Goals:

Showcase the clinic's services and expertise in hair restoration Build credibility and trust with potential clients Encourage potential clients to book a consultation or appointment Establish the clinic's unique approach to hair restoration